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Let's begin with Introductions.

Firstly, Please Make Yourself at Home.


From Our inception, it was clear that we would be a print publication. Our Publisher, also an artist, recognizes the influence and importance of an opportunity to be celebrated in a prestigious printed publication.


Our vision to establish such an exquisite publication has been many years in the making. A dedicated journey that incorporated research, mentoring, education, networking, prayer, and God's grace. Now, we behold the full manifestation of the dream.


We bring to you our first mass-produced, printed magazine. We're excited to introduce the amazing artists and writers who are center stage in this production.


Excellency is our measurement of standard in which we bring to you a finer decadence to indulge. The sophistication of the arts, ushered with the delicacy of accessibility, Our devotion is to plenish our audience, lavishly through a symphony of arts.


This Inaugural print issue is honored with splendor by our following guests:

Please Welcome~

  • Mr. Brett Deubner - International Violist
  • Mr. Steven DaLuz - International Artist (painter)
  • Mr. Tommy Gregory - Artist (MFA)
  • Hon. Mario Marcel Salas - Author and Civil Rights Activist and Educator

Read, exclusively, Center Stage displayed Majestically in The Library.


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This Video is a Taste of Our Hospitality as we Host Our Guests in This Issue.


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